Commercial Real Estate Services

In addition to Multi-Family Apartments, Asian Pacific Investments engages in other types of commercial real estate such as hospitality, retail and mixed-use properties for owner-users or investors. Property may be deemed as commercial real estate if it has the potential to generate income now or in the future through capital gains and rental income in niche property investments. Our local expertise and market survey and analysis can assist buyers and sellers make informed decisions that are aligned with their short or long term business strategies and growth or consolidation plans.


Compared to other commercial real estate properties, Multi-Family apartments are one of the best investments available today that yield increased cash flow and long term appreciation. We have a strong presence in our niche market dealing directly with buyers and sellers, and have many off-market properties that are not available anywhere else. Asian Pacific Investments specialize in identifying profitable properties and coupled with our local expertise, we are able to negotiate favorable transactions that cater to our client's needs. With our due diligence and financial analysis experience, we are able to estimate the land and building value properly to ensure our clients receive the best returns.



A condo-hotel, also known as a hotel-condo or a Condotel, is a building used as both a condominium and a hotel. Condo hotels may be high-rise buildings or villas developed and operated as luxury hotels, usually in major cities, in the US and around the world. These hotels have condominium units which allow someone to own a full-service vacation home. When they are not using this home, they can leverage the marketing and management done by the hotel chain to rent and manage the condo unit as it would any other hotel room.

When owners are away, they can place their unit in the condo hotel's rental program and receive a portion of the revenue it generates. The condo hotel management company takes care of the renting, cleaning and maintaining of the unit. They also ensure the smooth operation of the hotel's amenities and services.

A condo hotel unit represents the best of all worlds. It is a hassle-free, luxurious second home in some of the best premier destination spots around the world. It generates rent revenue that offsets the costs of ownership, and it is a real estate investment with great appreciation potential. We specialize in identifying strong condo-hotel investments that are in politically and economically stable emerging countries whose growth potential is yet untapped.